Why I am here – the overriding purpose of this blog

It is usually good to start off with a purpose, and the purpose of this blog is to add my experience to the available information on home fruit and vegetable growing in central Indiana.

Several years ago I found myself with a moderate expanse of lawn which I felt could be better used for growing food than grass. During my research on what to plant I came across a common theme to grow that which you like which grows well in your area, but there was surprisingly little information available as to how well things grow in specific areas. There is, of course, large scale “growing zone” information to give some idea if the winters are likely to be too cold or the summers too hot for a given variety, but issues such as humidity requirements, wind exposure, soil type, soil chemistry, etc… are often left unmentioned. Some areas do have this information available for large scale commercial crops, but it seems to me that there is a need for regional reporting of success and failure from households and small growers.

My growing location is located in west central Johnson County, Indiana, near the boundary of the relatively flat south-central Indiana plain and the more varied topography of the White River valley. For those interested, the soil is Crosby-Miami Silt Clay Loam over a veneer till unconsolidated aquifer capped by a significant layer of clay; drainage is assisted by a network of drain tiles installed many years ago when the area was being farmed.

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