Composition of the orchyard

Since my plans started with a vineyard and ended up adding an orchard, I have combined the two words into “orchyard” in order to cover all of my edible perennial plantings. The focus is on apples, but in addition to grapes there are also cherries, pears, quince, blackberries, hazelnuts and walnuts.

My orchyard currently contains the following:

• Arkansas Sweet
• Betsy Deaton
• Borovinka / Duchess of Oldenburg
• Bramley’s Seedling
• Cannon Pearmain
• Claygate Pearmain
• Cox’s Orange Pippin
• Foxwhelp
• Gala
• Golden Delicious
• Golden Russet
• Old Fashioned Limbertwig
• Pitmaston Pineapple
• Pomme Gris
• Porter’s Perfection
• Red Delicious
• Roxbury Russet
• St. Edmunds Pippin
• Vandevere
• Winter Banana


• Cynthiana
• Frontenac
• Lemberger
• Seyval
• St. Peppin
• Traminette
• Vignole

• Kieffer
• Moonglow

• Pineapple
• Orange

• Bing
• Unknown – This full sized cherry tree came with the house and welcomed me to it with an unexpected mountain of sweet cherries the year I moved in, but it has been shaded out by a beautiful sugar maple and is in declining health and productivity.

• Darrow Everbearing
• Wild seedlings – these run rampant along the fenceline and produce lots of tiny but tasty berries.

• American

• Black walnut
• English walnut

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