Planting Time

The recent snap of warm weather was abruptly closed by a fast moving front which brought snow showers and wind. In the hours ahead of it’s arrival, I managed to eke out the last bit of gardening time in order to get the first seeds planted.

I had tilled the garden several days earlier when the ground was just dry enough to work, and the warm, dry days since had left the garden ready for surfacing. With the aid of my “one manpower cultivator” I soon had a relativly smooth and level surface to work with. The seeds of choice were easily decided upon as basil and swiss chard were the only seed packets I had in hand which wanted to be planted “as soon as the soil can be worked” rathar than “after all danger of frost.”

The one manpower cultivator

 Since both seeds wanted to be sown relativly shallowly, I used a scrap length of hard plastic to push in a trough to the right depth. After planting the seeds, I used the piece to pull the covering soil back over the seeds before marking the rows. The basil ended up on the outside edge of the pasture side of the garden with the swiss chard one row in. Neither made a full row, so there is some space still available for smaller qunatities of other plamts to finish those rows out.

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