After the storm and final planting

Somehow the orchyard managed to escape the hailstorm with a near-miss. Neighbors on the next road up had their newly planted gardens battered beyond repair, but as far as I can tell I lost a couple of eggplants in the garden but everything else, including the ripening cherries and the young apples and grapes, made it through apparently no worse for the wear. My attempt to straighten the Bramley suffered a setback when the old webbing I had used to attach it to the stake failed in the high wind, but a new section of webbing and the ground still being soft will hopefully remedy the lapse of support.

The cherries are starting to turn from green to pink, which usually signals that they will be ready to harvest in a couple of weeks. The raccoons like them a little before that, so it will soon be time to set up this year’s defenses against the rapacious and destructive vandals.

The veg garden has now been fully planted. This years selection includes:
• Tomatoes
o Cherry
o Better Boy
o Early Girl
o Yellow Pear
o Super Sonic
• Bell peppers
• Italian frying peppers
• Green peppers
• Orange peppers
• Swiss Chard
• Cucumber
• Okra
• Peas
• Radishes
• Turnips
• Beets
• Early squash
• Butternut squash
• Pumpkin
• Watermelon

And, if they did survive the hail, white eggplant.

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