Trading Space

To sum up a long story, I now find myself in Tokyo and will be here long enough that the blog would have a rather lengthy period of inactivity if I didn’t repurpose it… so now it also includes living in Japan.

I am living in a furnished apartment on a canal near the Shinagawa train station. My view is defined by buildings and people; quite a change from Rurikia.

There are also many other changes – the concept of personal space, which I used to measure in acres, has been radically redefined. Today I needed to go to the town hall early in the morning, which involved a rush hour subway ride. Never before have I been part of a nearly unified slug of humanity in a confined space – no need to hold on to the handrails as there wasn’t enough space to fall or even stumble. It was the closest sustained physical contact I have had with complete strangers in my life…. standing in the center of the car I was propped up by the poor person standing at the end against the wall.

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