What to wear for breakfast

How could I say no?

The apartment building I am in has a small restaurant which offers a free breakfast buffet to residents. It turns out that is all they offer, as they stopped serving lunch and dinner a few weeks before I arrived. Although it is not quite the breakfast buffet one would find at a hotel, it covers the basics for both western and Japanese style breakfast foods and it is very hard to argue with free – particularly as they have drinkable coffee and I have no room for a coffeemaker in my kitchen!

The challenge comes in what to wear to breakfast. It is a simple choice when going to work afterward, as you simply wear your suit. It gets a little more complicated if you are not going straight to work. The first day I was in that situation I put on a pair of jeans and a button-down shirt, and I really stuck out. Having not thought about it, I had not paid attention on the days I was going to work as to what others were wearing. When I did look, I noticed that just about everyone else that wasn’t wearing a suit was in some version of coordinated loungewear / pajamas, with jeans and an untucked t-shirt about the most externally presentable combination seen.

While it does turn out that jeans and a t-shirt works pretty well, I decided there will come a point where long sleeves might be a better option and headed out on a search for breakfast wear. At home I usually am working on something until the point I decide to go to bed so I don’t have much need for what is typically classed as “loungewear,” but that seemed to be exactly what was called for in this situation. Despite recognizing this as something that people wear here, I was not quite prepared to find multiple aisles of loungewear sets when I got to the store. There were western-style cotton pajamas, Japanese-style quilted pants and jackets, and all manner of things in between. Stunned by the selection, I suddenly saw a set calling out my name. It was in my size, so the decision ended up being particularly easy, if not overly considered.

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