The second Tokyo flat

Since I a working a rotating shift schedule that often requires sleeping during the day, having a quiet apartment is quite important. My original flat was OK, but being on the 2’nd floor next to a busy street and a talking crossing signal was just a little too loud for comfort. Luckily there was another unit available in the same building that promised to be quieter, and after a few days of logistics being worked I was able to move in. Although slightly smaller, being in the middle of the building and on the 21’st floor combine to make it much quieter than the other one, and the view is an outstanding bonus.

This flat is a good example of smaller not necessarily being less livable. Although I lost a bathtub in the trade (I now only have a shower), the flat as a whole is laid out much better with a full sized walk-in closet, more usable space, and a fabric divider between the bedroom and the living room.



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