Kobe beef on a budget

Just to be clear, there is no such thing as budget Kobe beef. What there can be, of course is grocery store grade that you cook yourself, which in limited amounts can almost be construed as budget friendly for one person. Almost.

As my tolerance for eating grocery and convenience store take-out declines (driven in large part from having tried nearly all the combinations that don’t include eggs or mayonnaise in some form) my displeasure at having a minimally functional kitchen lessens… To the point that figuring out what I can cook under the circumstances has become a bit of a game. Couple that with a grocery store full of things that at best I am only mildly familiar with and yet another level of exploration in Tokyo begins.

Tonight on the walk home from the train station it was cool and breezy, and I decided it was a good night to try making something relatively light but with some substance. While browsing the grocery I caught sight of some Kobe beef, and dinner was launched.

At roughly $40 per pound grocery store grade Kobe beef is hardly a bargain, but I wanted to try it and there was a roughly quarter pound packet pre-sliced to just the size I wanted. I wanted the flavor of the beef to come through, so I opted for some soba noodles cooked in a light stock made with a green bell pepper, some sliced diakon, a few slices of dried chili and a dash of soy sauce. Served boiling into a pre-heated bowl, cooking the beef was a simple matter of adding the slices to the stock for a few seconds until they had cooked through, and in the process the fat flavored the stock quite nicely.

Far better than take-out.

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