Waking a Camera

It has been 2 months since my old camera chose to retire with a broken battery door. All repair attempts have proven unsuccessful, and it is now time to stop trying and move on with the one I purchased as a replacement.

The old camera was an Olympus Stylus 740, proudly bearing the “all weather” badge. I wasn’t really in the camera market when I bought it in 2007 in Waco, Texas as I was quite happy with the Fuji Finepix 4900 I was using at the time. I was in a Circuit City store for another reason and noticed the Olympus was heavily marked down. Since I was going to be heading from Waco to Seattle a few months later I decided that it might be a good idea to have a small, light, go-anywhere, retractable lens camera that was billed as not needing any extra protection in the rain and basically bought it on impulse.

It turned out to have been an excellent purchase. It fit neatly in my briefcase, backpack, or pocket, which meant I tended to keep it with me, as opposed to the Fuji which required it’s own case and tended to get left at home more often than taken out. Water resistance meant it stayed accessible in the odd rain or snow shower, and I wasn’t overly worried about desert dust or swampy humidity either. The pictures were of sufficient quality that my complaints with them were with the photographer, not the camera.

The old camera got to travel quite a bit – Waco, Rurikia, Jupiter, Amsterdam, Seattle, Tucson, Marana, Vancouver, Osaka, Victorville, Weitramsdorf, Roswell, Derby, Vermillion, Frankfurt, Portland, Carlsbad, London, Austin, Palmdale, Seebach, La Paz, Fairbanks, Tokyo, Bloomington, Tallahassee, Stuttgart, Abilene, Coffeyville, Albuquerque, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Columbia, Phoenix, Eugene, Aguadilla, Billings, Charleston, Santa Barbara, Lima, Spokane, Why, San Diego, Houston, Ojai, Yuma, Meridian, Tuscaloosa just to name a few of the cities. It hiked, biked, skied, walked, rode, flew, sailed within my reach for many years.

It will be missed.  As a symbolic leave-taking, a larger than usual selection of memorable views it captured:

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