Tours from Tucson – Bisbee

Just about 100 miles southeast of Tucson and 3000 feet higher in elevation, the old copper mining town of Bisbee is nestled along the mountaintops near the Mexican border. By size the biggest attraction is the closed copper mine (tours available), but the town itself is a very well preserved mining town with a solid town center and houses reachable only by flights of stairs scattered along the side valleys. As often seems to be the case with off-the-beaten-path towns where the main industry has packed up and moved away but which have managed to carve back a place for themselves, the former cornerstones of local activity such as banks and department stores have been repurposed into galleries and antique stores. This often provides a good chance to see the largely unchanged architectural details of the interiors of theses buildings and get a feel for how things where when this still was the thriving economic center of the area.

There are plenty of antique stores and galleries, but there are also several cafes, a variety of other local shops, and a few hotels and other establishments keeping the area along the main street reasonably busy, and enough posters of upcoming events plastered on notice boards around the area that the new coat of paint on the theater appears to be well earned. The real beauty of Bisbee, however, is best experienced by taking advantage of the countless stairs leading up hillsides and connecting the switchbacked roads to appreciate the basic architecture of a mining town that has been very well maintained. A bit of an oddity from the utilitarian theme is the Cochise County Courthouse, a gleaming white art-deco structure slightly off the main road.

All the walking generates a fair thirst, which the taproom of the Old Bisbee Brewing Company is well placed to satisfy before a last meander through the side streets.

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