Grapefest 2012

Depite the sizable take by the raccoons, skunk, and other animals prior to getting everyone together to harvest and process, we still managed to find over 40 pounds of grapes off the porch vine. That turned into 22 pints of grape jam by the end of a longer day than any of us had expected. Given the general lack of apples in the area this year this took the place of apple buttering.

The intent had been to make grape jelly, but we didn’t plan on having as much juice as we ended up with so we didn’t have enough sugar and had to cook it down like a jam in order to get it to set – and even then some of it didin’t quite get to a hard set. So what was supposed to be a “bring to a boil for 1 minute before putting in jars” turned into several hours of constant stirring – and something much more like a jam than a jelly.

I prefer jams anyway.

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