Shop projects – Knifeblock 2

After completing knifeblock 1, I noticed a few other knives in the kitchen without proper homes. Included in this category were a set of steak knives which were still being stored in the cardboard and plastic display box they came in, which had not been designed for long-term storage and was starting to deteriorate a bit.

A quick run through the scrap pile found a nearly perfect piece of oak. Unlike knifeblock 1, which required quite a bit of planning and using 3 sides to be able to get all the different size and shaped knives in, this one only required 1 side to be sliced off. The first step was to use the blade length to identify the length of the block and cut it off a little long. Next a slightly uneven section was sliced off on the bandsaw to provide a generally flat surface. Since the resulting piece was generally square and too small to safely run through the jointer, I used the table saw to trim the sides just a touch to remove a few scrap pile dings and finished off the rough-out by going back to the bandsaw and shaving off the roughness on what would become the top of the block, then sliced off the top to allow the grooves to be cut.

Since the blades were thinner than the table saw kerf, final layout was a simple case of equally spacing the kerfs across the block. A quick check with a couple of knives confirmed that the spacing between the handles looked about right. Cutting the grooves for the knives was straightforward on the tablesaw, and after a final fit check the top was glued back on.

After the glue dried the block was sanded smooth and finished with walnut oil.

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