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Through the camera – cider press

In response to a request from my posting about the cider press at Rurikia, a gallery of images from the cleaning and painting of it is below:

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Tokyo Views – towers

Most of my interest in Japan focused on the smaller scale details of the larger picture, but with a skyline punctuated by office towers it is hard to miss the major role they play in providing a high-contrast backdrop to … Continue reading

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Random Food of the Day

Fried tofu with bonito and green onion.

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Weight loss and gain – Tokyo vs. Tucson

A few days ago I put on a shirt that had fit me loosely in Japan and found it was a bit tight. My first thought was that it had gotten shrunk in the wash, but then I realized that … Continue reading

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Through the camera – snow and palms

Today doesn’t feel like Tucson: low 40’s F, rainy, low clouds, and snow on the mountains. If it wasn’t for the palm trees it would seem like a welcome trip to Seattle without the hassle of travel.

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Random Food of the Day

Smoked veg from the garden – a good way to use up apple prunings.

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Shop Projects – Picture frames

The back door of my house was old and leaky; for years winter drafts had been kept out by an accumulated blob of weatherstripping and other temporary measures, and it was time for a change. Step 1 – obtain a … Continue reading

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