Tucson Travel – Tucson Japanese Garden

One day I decided I was sick of the desert spring; although there were plenty of wildflowers, I wanted green instead of brown. I decided it was a good day to go to Tucson’s botanical garden, but on the way my eye caught a sign for a Japanese garden nearby and I decided to stop.

Within the context of being in Tucson I enjoyed it. It would be unfair to compare it with the gardens I enjoyed in Japan as all the circumstances around them were different, but for what it was it was surprisingly well done. The main types of Japanese gardens were in place, most of them laid out in such a way that despite having multiple garden types in a small area the view was focused on only one type at a time. This was a very good thing, as if it were not for the various twists and walls there could very easily be too many types in one space for any of them to work. On the day I went they had a collection of origami works on display throughout, which sometimes fit well but other times stuck out as not belonging.

My verdict: well worth a stop on a quiet day.

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