Tucson Travel – Hiking the Sunset Trail

With the arrival of temperatures over 100 F the season for walking in and around Tucson has ended in my opinion, so it was once again time to head away for better conditions. In this case, away was up to the sunset trail on Mt. Lemmon. The trail connects two trailheads, one a basic trailhead and the other a fairly popular picnic area. Starting at the actual trailhead, it progresses along some access tracks to cabins before splitting off to the right as a proper hiking trail. There is one area where a bit of routefinding is needed as the trailmarker has been broken off right above the ground, but the remaining stub is a typical national forest marker profile and it’s pretty obvious why it’s there. Once on the trail itself the going is fairly easy through a landscape that is growing back after a fire a few years ago, but there are some areas where some caution is needed (particularly when passing a group of mountain bikers who had found the path to be unsitued for their bikes and were walking them, and the path was barely big enough for one person and a bike, much less 2). Arrival at the picnic area was hearalded by the sound of a small waterfall before the trail met the water of a small creek.

All in all a fairly pleasant walk.

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