Tucson Travel – Grand Canyon National Park


A bit long for a day trip, but in theory it could be done as one from Tucson. It works much better as an overnight.

I’ve seen the Grand Canyon many times from airliner windows, and given how big it looks from there I was expecting it to be a fairly ho-hum experience on the grund at the rim. In some ways it was. In others it wasn’t. That’s a problem when you have a good idea of what to expect.

It’s easy to focus on the crowds and maps and in the process forget how impressive some things are. Fortunatly as I was getting ready to leave on my last morning I happened to see a car pull into a parking space. Two boys jumped out and, deaf to the parental warning to slow down, raced the hundred yards or so to the viewing platform, and stopped in their tracks. “Whoa, it’s huge” followed a momentary silence. It was a good reminder to turn back and simply take it in.

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