Book Review – Enduring Seeds

Enduring Seeds
Nabhan, Gary Paul
University of Arizona Press, Tucson, 1989

There is a non-profit seed store in Tucson, the retail arm of the Native Seeds/SEARCH organization, and having stumbled into it I found I really liked their approach and mission. Stopping in on another day, I felt like buying something to support them but iit wasn’t a good time to buy seeds, so I meandered through the bookshelves. This book seemed to jump out at me, and once I got into it I realized that it was written by one of the founders of Native Seeds / SEARCH…..

It is a classic late 80’s call to awareness, trying to highlight what stands to be lost while there is still some hope of doing something to stop it. Starting with a general discussion of biodiversity, historic agricultural methods and why they are still of value, and why it is important to focus on qualities other than basic economics, the book ends with several essays exploring specific aspects of those areas.

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