Apple Processing Day 2015

Apple Processing Day at Rurikia for 2015 was planned to be held on 3. October, but as the day approached the weather was more suitable on Sunday the 4th so the date was shifted – a good move as it turned out, as 3. October was wet and blustery while 4. October turned out to be nearly perfect (if slightly too warm). No one had been able to get out to the orchard for a couple of weeks, so unfortunately mosty of the Cannon Pearmain, Golden Russet, and Vandevere had fallen and been on the ground too long to be salvageable, however there were just enough of the above varieties left to combine with some of the earlier ripening Golden Delicious and some others (chief among these being Red Delicious) to get about 2.5 bushels of apples which were of good size and regularly shaped to go through the peeler. Apples which were less uniform ended up going in the cider bin along with the cores from the peeled apples.

In the course of the day the peeled apples were cooked down to yield roughly 3.5 dozen pints of apple butter, which due to the inclusion of Red Delicious ended up being a bit chunkier than usual.

Around 5 bushels of apples, mainly Porter’s Perfection and Pomme Gris, ended up going through the cider press. The yield was around 14 gallons.

There were quite a few yellow jackets and hornets in attendance, but no bees were sighted.

Porter’s Perfection and Pomme Gris were just starting to be ready to harvest and many were left on the tree. The following apples were not yet generally ripe enough to pick: Golden Delicious, Cox’s Orange Pippin, Old Fashioned Limbertwig.

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