Goodbye to the Winter Banana

Today was the end for my experience growing Winter Banana apples. The tree itself had recovered from the root washout of several years ago and was growing well despite a bit of a lean, but once again this year there were no harvestable apples on it. Every apple I have had which started to grow on that tree succumbed to a rot of some nature well before ripening, while all the trees around it had no evidence of similar issues. Given this, combined with the lean being such that it interfered with taking care of the productive trees around it, I opted to remove it from the orchard.

When I ordered it in the first round of orchard planting I assumed that it would be the least troublesome of all the apples I was ordering since it originated in the same state. That certainly proved not to be the case. It was distressingly short work to remove a tree that had been cared for and fussed over since 2004.

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