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Going Solar: Part 6 – The first MWh

67 days since going live and I’ve passed the 1 Megawatthour mark, even with a system which is smaller than desired. I’m glad I opted to go ahead and install the small capacity which the utility (SCE) allowed me to … Continue reading

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The Art of BEEing – Impressions from the initial opening

A week ago I dumped 3 lbs of bees into a box containing the foundations and a very tiny bit of building materials for their new home, closed the lid, and hoped for the best. Dumped is indeed the proper … Continue reading

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Through the camera – the bees are here

Last Sunday I drove about 100 miles to an address I had been sent and found a man with a pickup truck full of bees. In a matter of minutes a 3 pound box of bees were nestled in the … Continue reading

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From Beehouse to Beehive – Taking the next step in beekeeping

A few years ago after finding a dead swarm in my basement, I decided to turn a longstanding interest in bees into something more concrete by building a top bar hive which I called the beehouse and, as with a … Continue reading

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