Through the camera – the bees are here

2016-04-19-0101 2016-04-19-0112Last Sunday I drove about 100 miles to an address I had been sent and found a man with a pickup truck full of bees. In a matter of minutes a 3 pound box of bees were nestled in the passenger footwell of my car for the 2 hour return drive across the desert. After being dumped rather unceremoniously from one box into another, I spent an anxious day wondering if they were going to stay and start establishing their hive or head off to find somewhere less prone to the disruptions they had just experienced.
Happily they stayed, and when I next stopped by the following afternoon I found they had already found the blooming cactus.

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1 Response to Through the camera – the bees are here

  1. BeeNuts says:

    Whey-hey! Great result!
    I remember collecting a swarm in a not very secure box so bees were crawling out. Driving home fully veiled turned a few heads – I must have looked like someone from ghost-busters.

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