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The World We Live In Nowadays

Earlier today I attended a training session focusing on what to do in the event an “active shooter” situation should develop at my workplace. Representatives of multiple law enforcement agencies were present, and after a brief introduction to the topic … Continue reading

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Real Life Review – Vivo 7 lb sausage stuffer

Although I technically could have used the stuffing attachment for my stand mixer to fill the casings on my recent foray into sausagemaking, I’ve used similar devices in the past and found it to be rather difficult to keep supplying … Continue reading

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Random Food of the Day

I love that it highlights “Contains No Sand”

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An Election Question – again

Just about 4 years ago I wrote the following post – “What’s Right with the United States of America” – which is repeated here in it’s entirety.  In many ways I wish I was again able to have the benefit … Continue reading

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Trying out the sausage stuffer

I am addicted to tools, and the kitchen is no exception. I recently received a gift card to a kitchen supply store, and when I came across a shiny red and polished stainless steel sausage stuffer I was hooked. It … Continue reading

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Through the camera – In the hands of Buddha

A young whiptail lizard resting in the hands of a garden Buddha statue  

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