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Through the Camera: Portrait of a bee

When I took one of my shirts off the clothesline today I noticed a bee had chosen to make it it’s final landing place.  I had wanted to try focus stacking for a while, and this gave an excellent opportunity … Continue reading

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The Art of BEEing: Escaping the summer

Last weekend was the first real break from the summer heat (which has come back in full force this week) and though the desert shrubs and wildflowers have yet to reappear, I decided it was time to have a look … Continue reading

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Book Review: An Experiment in Misery (and other stories)

An Experiment in Misery (and other stories) Crane, Stephen Harper Perennial, 2009 Picked up on the basis of price and name at Elliott Bay’s bargain section (I know a Steven Crane and figured I would pass it on to him … Continue reading

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The Prodigal Son Returns – An American Tragedy

Note: Over the past several years I have had several occurrences to see how eldercare and family dynamics intermix during both the caregiving and estate distribution phases. My direct experience has been very positive, with extended families coming together with … Continue reading

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