The Art of Beeing: Reveling in the harvest


It sometimes takes distance to gain perspective. While away from the desert briefly to enjoy the harvest season at Rurikia, I have been pleased to enjoy watching scores of bees visiting the autumn wildflowers in the meadow there. At the same time, though, I find myself being very jealous for the bees back in the desert (who obviously did not make the trip). While they are working feverishly in the heat, dust, and strong winds to eke out a bare subsistence among the few irrigated flowers within their foraging range, the bees at Rurikia have a veritable buffet to select from. Perhaps setting up a hive in the middle of the desert wasn’t the most thought out of endevours – but hopefully the winter rains and the associated desert wildflowers will give a counterpoint while the bees at Rurikia are balled up in winter dormancy.

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