Real Life Reviews: Oster Flip Belgian Waffle Maker


Lured into a local department store with a $10 off $50 coupon, I made the mistake of heading to the kitchen section first. Having eaten my share of waffles made on the rotating waffle maker on hotel breakfast buffets over the years, I had been looking for the price to come down on them before replacing my tried and true non-rotating one. When I saw this one on sale for $30, and having enough other things I was planning on getting to meet the coupon minimum, I decided the time had come to upgrade.

The waffle maker comes assembled and ready to use. On a first look the only negative thing that jumped out at me was that the actual cooking plates were screwed into the housing, so obviously not designed to be removed for washing purposes. Unlike the commercial versions, the stand on this one is plastic instead of metal, but it seems well made and substantial enough for household usage. The iron rotates smoothly with positive stops in the up and down position, and a spring loaded interlock pin keeps the iron from rotating when the iron is open.

As per the note in the instructions, when plugged in and heated for the first time there was some very light smoke, and I followed their recommendation to discard the first waffle made. After that there was no more smoke or odor. The unit heated up relatively quickly and maintained it’s heat well, with the temperature control set in the middle it only took a few seconds after closing the lid following removing one waffle for it to be ready for the next one.

Per the instructions, the unit is ready to load when a green light shows on the top of the unit. After adding batter, the lid is closed and rotated 180 degrees until a second green light appears, then flipped back and the waffle is ready to be removed. I found that this was indeed the case, however there is no audible indication as is typically found on commercial units and it would be easy to miss the light turning on if doing other things at the same time. Once opened, the waffle lifted out very cleanly from the ceramic non-stick coated grids, leaving no residue needing to be cleaned off. Since the grids are essentially not removable, the cleaning instructions are to wipe them with a damp cloth if needed after the unit cools down.

All in all I’m happy with this waffle maker. The waffles baked quickly, came out perfect, and it didn’t take all morning to make enough for breakfast.

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