Yet another waypoint on the American slide away from democracy

The Trump regime is still doing us at least one useful service: they publish the text of the executive orders, so we can see those aspects of the democratic system being pulled apart which in an actual democratic decision, such as on the floor of Congress, would not make it past an initial committee meeting.

The latest is the “Presidential Executive Order on Preventing Violence Against Federal, State, Tribal, and Local Law Enforcement Officers” which, while claiming to prevent violence against those officers, focuses more on defining new Federal crimes and increasing penalties for existing ones.

There already are laws on the books to address acts of violence against law enforcement officials. There are also laws addressing acts of violence against anyone. The creation of new laws in this context, specifically as applied to law enforcement officials, is disturbing in that it opens the floodgates for a wide variety of abuses.

To become a police state, you must first allow the police to act with impunity against the citizens. This executive order certainly could be read as paving the way for that. It is my hope that I am over reacting, that any laws or changes in interpretation coming out of this order will be fully and effectively debated, and that the spirit will be for the prevention of violence against all people, not just the pawns of the regime.

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