The Art of BEEing: Hadn’t thought of that

I decided that it had been a while since my last full hive inspection, so this morning I suited up and started to work. I was about halfway through with the bottom brood box and had a fully loaded frame in my hands when I was struck by a sudden urge to sneeze. I tried to sniffle it away, but instead of helping that only made things worse. I took a couple of steps away from the hive, turned my head away from the frame, and commenced what turned out to be several strong sneezes… Of course, concurrent with the sneezing I shook the frame, so I found myself in the rather awkward situation of having lots of upset bees on the ground in front of me, lots in the air around me, many still on the frame apparently unsure if they should be annoyed or not, but certainly not overjoyed by the situation… and me having a bit limited visibility thanks to the veil being as good at keeping things in as it does things out…

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