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The Art of BEEing: On approach

My bees seem to like catnip…  Lucky (maybe) for me it’s become established in a difficult corner of the garden which isn’t of much use except for feeding bees and catching some incredible back lighting.  

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The Art of BEEing: Of smells and summer

In mid April I left for a business trip to China (punctuated by the bees swarming the day before I left) and when I got home 3 weeks later the last vestiges of spring had turned to summer in the … Continue reading

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Real Life Review: Dial “Up-Dux” Ceiling to Attic vent

In the California desert there are two primary ways to cool down a house: closed loop air conditioning and open loop swamp cooling.  A central air conditioning unit works by using electricity to compress a refrigerant fluid, typically outside the … Continue reading

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