Random Food of the Day

It’s…. Frozen French Onion Soup from Costco.

This was my first experience with soup in this packaging, and I have to admit that I’m a fan.  Maybe not so much if I had bought it in the middle of the summer and it had melted on the drive home so I would have ended up with random shaped frozen lumps of soup, but assuming it stays frozen until it gets to me I kind of like the lack of needing to put it in another container that I’d simply have to throw away.  Given the way that croutons and cheese are distributed in the frozen cylinder o’ soup I’m imagining that it’s made in a batch of individual molded blocks, but I like to think of a giant soup machine where boiling soup gets run through a cooling sequence and is extruded out like so much frozen pasta.

Fully aside from the format and packaging, it’s also pretty darn tasty soup.

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