Book Review: A History of Russia

A History of Russia

Pares, Bernard

Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1960

As the title would indicate, this was a history textbook of Russian history.  My reading was not of scholarly nature, much more it was a desire to begin to understand the history of  what seems to me a very interesting portion of our planet with which I have been but poorly acquainted.

Not being much of a historian, I find it difficult to review this book except to note that, while at times assuming much better acquaintance with the names of a period than could be gathered from this book, it was quite readable and informative. The more accessible information on a period was, the more was written about it, so the page-per-year count tended to progressively grow as the book went on.

Overall I’m happy to have read this book, I do feel a bit better acquainted with Russian history and found the post-1800 foreign policy sections interesting as a new take on the backgrounds of current conflicts.

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