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Through the camera – perspective

Same plant, same rocks, two perspectives. Advertisements

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Through the camera: bloom on apple

Visitors to the orchard have commented on the purplish, dull colored apples on the Duchess of Oldenburg and wondered what was wrong with them: The answer: nothing was wrong with them at all (aside from the creatures which took a … Continue reading

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Through the camera – flash flood

Last weekend it rained in Tucson. Heavy and sustained rain, enough to run off the hard-baked ground and find it’s way into the various washes, taking them from empty to flowing in a matter of minutes. It was not the … Continue reading

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Residents of Rurikia

A walnut tree, a path to a pond, and a motion activated camera. All that is necessary for setting up a photo studio for Rurikia’s other residents.

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2012 Cherry Season at Rurikia

The mild spring this year led to an early cherry season. The tree was at peak bloom in late March, approximately 2-3 weeks earlier than normal. That schedule carried forward and by mid-May the cherries were beginning to turn red. … Continue reading

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Waking a Camera

It has been 2 months since my old camera chose to retire with a broken battery door. All repair attempts have proven unsuccessful, and it is now time to stop trying and move on with the one I purchased as … Continue reading

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Day Trips from Tokyo – Mt. Takao (and a return to autumn)

This post has been a long time coming. It’s not that way due to anything particularly special about it, but it was on this hike that the camera I started the trip out with decided to retire and some other … Continue reading

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