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Stations along my tea journey

I began drinking tea at some indefinable moment in my youth. Iced tea (unsweetened) was a staple beverage in our household, quite often made as “sun tea” in the warmer months by putting a 2 or 3 gallon glass jar … Continue reading

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Book Review: Puer Tea

Puer Tea Zhang, Jinghong University of Washington Press, 2013 I had heard about and occasionally tasted puer tea (also pu-erh), but I was interested in learning more about it, particularly after having had a very good one while recently in … Continue reading

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The Art of BEEing: The China Feeder

Recently I was in China on a business trip and happened to come across another beekeeper in the office there. He no longer had any bees of his own since he was living in an urban apartment, but he had … Continue reading

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Book Review: The China Tea Book

The China Tea Book Jialin, Luo Earthaware Editions, 2012 While in Shanghai I found myself in an international bookstore browsing the selection of books on tea in either of the languages I can read.  I found several, but none of … Continue reading

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Random Food of the Day

Thousand slice pork

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Shop Projects: Making a Chinese kitchen knife stand

I was recently in China and, as tends to be the case, I came home with a selection of tools and kitchen knives.  Unfortunately, as Chinese kitchen knives tend to have taller blades than most others and even vegetable knives … Continue reading

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Through the Camera: On the edge of progress

A section of an older part of Shanghai stands like an island among a wave of new construction.  The ground has already been cleared for the next building going up across the street, and I’m fairly certain that in a … Continue reading

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