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Through the camera – Maple

Autumn is a good time of year to be surrounded by maples. Advertisements

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Random Food of the Day

Maple cream cookies – one of the few things in a grocery store I can’t pass by if it’s on sale… as was the case this afternoon.

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Rurikia at rest

The snow came heavy and wet, a sticky white blanket which built rapidly to a level able to completely cover the garden and withstand our typical cycle of fall and melt . The perfect cover for the plants to enjoy … Continue reading

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Day Trips from Tokyo – Hiking Mt. Mutsuishi

Today dawned with a perfect hiking outlook so I decided to venture off to Oku-tama and see how well the trails had fared through the winter and early spring. With notably more sunlight to play with than in the autumn … Continue reading

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Halftime intermission

I write this while sitting at Rurikia having completed pruning the orchyard and encouraging, as far as targeted thinking can do so, the fruit trees to slow down their rapid progression into spring. It feels like late March, and the … Continue reading

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Finally autumn in Tokyo

It seemed like it was never going to get here, but after a few chilly days and even a very brief flurry it finally feels like autumn in Tokyo – in the middle of December. Pleasantly brisk in the morning … Continue reading

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Trees for tomorrow

Yesterday ended with a neighbor stopping by and offering me a few trees for the meadow.  He has steadily been reforesting some of his farmland over the years and plants several hundred seedlings each spring, and this year he felt … Continue reading

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