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From Beehouse to Beehive – Taking the next step in beekeeping

A few years ago after finding a dead swarm in my basement, I decided to turn a longstanding interest in bees into something more concrete by building a top bar hive which I called the beehouse and, as with a … Continue reading

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Rurikia at rest

The snow came heavy and wet, a sticky white blanket which built rapidly to a level able to completely cover the garden and withstand our typical cycle of fall and melt . The perfect cover for the plants to enjoy … Continue reading

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Shop projects – Building a Beehouse

Last summer I walked into my basement and found hundreds of dead honeybees scattered across the floor. I found no evidence of a hive anywhere in or around the house, and where they came from, how they got in, and … Continue reading

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Trees for tomorrow

Yesterday ended with a neighbor stopping by and offering me a few trees for the meadow.  He has steadily been reforesting some of his farmland over the years and plants several hundred seedlings each spring, and this year he felt … Continue reading

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From lawn to meadow

I consider myself quite fortunate to live in an area where neighborhood decrees do not prohibit grass from growing to the height nature intended, and one of my first landscaping activities after I moved in was to begin an experiment … Continue reading

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