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The Art of BEEing: Brewing with the Bees

My beer supply is starting to get a bit low, so with no pressing projects and today’s forecast looking perfect for brewing I decided it was time to pull out the equipment and start another batch.  I had had a … Continue reading

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Standing still is going backwards – how Indiana is missing the residential solar bus

In her 2009 book “Sleeping Naked is Green” Vanessa Farquharson highlights many of the ways in which simple changes can both conserve resources and serve as vehicles to increase awareness of what other changes can be made to support a … Continue reading

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2012 Cherry Season at Rurikia

The mild spring this year led to an early cherry season. The tree was at peak bloom in late March, approximately 2-3 weeks earlier than normal. That schedule carried forward and by mid-May the cherries were beginning to turn red. … Continue reading

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Early Spring at Rurikia

Thanks to the current caretaker of the orchyard, I have confirmation that this year’s spring has come very early to Rurikia: the cherry and redbud trees are in full bloom and the apple trees are just starting. That’s nearly 3 … Continue reading

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Daytripping from Tokyo – A hike in Ohtama Nature Park

I had today off, and since the forecast called for heavy rain I decided it would be a good day to catch up on things indoors, starting with sleep. Hence it was with a fair bit of annoyed surprise that … Continue reading

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