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The Art of BEEing: Of smells and summer

In mid April I left for a business trip to China (punctuated by the bees swarming the day before I left) and when I got home 3 weeks later the last vestiges of spring had turned to summer in the … Continue reading

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The Art of BEEing: First Swarm

My bees seemed odd when I went out and had a quick look at them this morning, and through the day they seemed to be acting oddly – saw very few on flowers but quite a few flying almost aimlessly … Continue reading

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The Art of BEEing – Experimenting with swarm traps

The problem with one bee colony is that it soon wants to be two – either by the colony swarming, or the beekeeper realizing that adding a second colony is a big gain for little extra effort. I fit into … Continue reading

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From Beehouse to Beehive – Taking the next step in beekeeping

A few years ago after finding a dead swarm in my basement, I decided to turn a longstanding interest in bees into something more concrete by building a top bar hive which I called the beehouse and, as with a … Continue reading

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