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Real Life Reviews: Barley Crusher malt mill

Many years ago I began all-grain brewing, and at the time a Corona mill was the best I could afford. It served me well for many years and several hundred pounds of malt, but the older I get the lower … Continue reading

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Real life Reviews: Buying a Bandsaw

When I first started to setup my woodshop a bandsaw wasn’t one of the tools I thought I needed. I eventually acquired a well-used 1970’s – 1980’s vintage Craftsman 12” bandsaw as part of a lot of other tools, but … Continue reading

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Shop Projects: Shop-built Log Resaw Sled

I have recently added a 14” bandsaw to the shop, upgrading from an older 12” model that needed more than a basic tune-up to get back to the precision tool it should be. Of course a new bandsaw led to … Continue reading

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Shop Project – Rehandling an Adze

A few miles down the road from me there is a large open space on the side of the road, and most Sundays it becomes a local marketplace for a bit of everything. Often this includes old tools, and every … Continue reading

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Seeing Japan from the slow train – part 5: Hida-Furukawa

I am convinced that everyone has at least one interest for which they will abandon all rational thought in their efforts to pursue. One of mine is woodworking and the associated tools, and when I first found out that I … Continue reading

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A mid-term resident of Tokyo reports – Part 7: Flea Markets

This is part 7 of what is intended to be a collection of overview reports on living in Tokyo by someone who is here for longer than a short stay but shorter than a long stay. Hopefully they will be … Continue reading

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