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The Art of BEEing: Winterizing

The bees and I seem to have reached some form of an agreement.  I worry over them, they let me occasionally have a visit in their hive and give the neighbors something to talk about, or they have me do … Continue reading

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The Art of BEEing: Start of the flow

The desert winter seems to be quickly moving into summer as the early wildflower bloom is underway and flowering trees are starting to break bud.  There are still a few more cool days and nights ahead, but highs in the … Continue reading

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The Art of BEEing: picky eaters

Given the lack of “natural” forage in the desert since the end of the spring wildflower bloom (aside from a very brief rebloom after a surprise inch of rain fell in early autumn), I’ve been having to feed since early … Continue reading

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The waiting game

The orchyard is showing signs of activity and buds are swelling. It’s the annual waiting game as the trees prepare for spring but winter keeps passing through, while all we can do is standby and watch as trees and weather … Continue reading

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Rurikia at rest

The snow came heavy and wet, a sticky white blanket which built rapidly to a level able to completely cover the garden and withstand our typical cycle of fall and melt . The perfect cover for the plants to enjoy … Continue reading

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Day trips from Tokyo – Kamakura

Snow on the mountains and a conscious decision not to bring winter hiking gear has managed to override my normal inclination to get out to less populated areas on my days off. While not ideal, this has opened up several … Continue reading

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Flower Hunting

The great danger in gardening is to set your attention on something that you know does not do well in your area. I have hit that point with two plants I often see in Tokyo and have already caught myself … Continue reading

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A mid-term resident of Tokyo reports – Part 1: The onsen, or bathing in the sky

This is part 1 of what is intended to be a collection of overview reports on living in Tokyo by someone who is here for longer than a short stay but shorter than a long stay. Hopefully they will be … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on mail order nurseries

It is winter in Tokyo. Warmer and drier than I had expected and the late camellias are still blooming, but the last leaves of a late starting autumn have fallen. The landscape contractors are out in force through the city … Continue reading

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