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Through the Camera: Details

A carved shutter panel

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Shop Projects: Making a Chinese kitchen knife stand

I was recently in China and, as tends to be the case, I came home with a selection of tools and kitchen knives.  Unfortunately, as Chinese kitchen knives tend to have taller blades than most others and even vegetable knives … Continue reading

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Shop Projects: Shop-built Log Resaw Sled

I have recently added a 14” bandsaw to the shop, upgrading from an older 12” model that needed more than a basic tune-up to get back to the precision tool it should be. Of course a new bandsaw led to … Continue reading

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Textures of Kyoto

Yes, I have been to Kyoto. I enjoyed it the way that you enjoy a good book that you came to via the required reading list – a bit hesitantly, ready for disappointment, and then it turns out to have … Continue reading

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Tokyo views – simple solutions

In a city known for sensory overload, it is easy to lose sight of the underlying simplicity. A pair of basic bamboo chopsticks with a twig as a rest on a wooden table is a reminder of nature in the … Continue reading

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