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Through the Camera: Coyote

This year’s first backyard coyote photo-op

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Untangling the -ism’s: Patriotism vs Nationalism

This past week has seen yet more disturbing actions by the Trump regime, but the lowlights are the exclusion of major, highly respected media organizations such as the BBC from press events and the statement by the chief strategist that … Continue reading

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Going Solar – Part 8: Through the first year

It has now been 1 year since my system started producing electricity, which seems to be a good point to stop and look back over the data. System overview: The system is a 2.7 kW (DC) / 2.3 kW (AC) … Continue reading

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Shop Projects – Bee Feeder

Last year when I realized I needed to feed my bees on an on-going basis through the summer I slapped together a feeder made of a half gallon plastic storage container with  some plastic canvas and cable ties used to … Continue reading

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Random Food of the Day

Saving the desert one meal at a time… The green portions of this serving are Sahara Mustard greens, an invasive species which has been rapidly expanding across the desert southwest.  It is generally considered to be a noxious weed, but … Continue reading

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What we need is a Political Lemon Law

Watching the antics of this past couple of weeks in the Trump regime I continue to be amazed that anyone can still believe that he is suitable to be in the position he is, much less continue to support him. … Continue reading

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The Art of BEEing: Signs of Spring

The bees seem to have decided it’s time to get going for the upcoming season. The temperature today was mid 60’s, it was breezy and overcast, and though I did see some early wildflowers on the mountain I certainly didn’t … Continue reading

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