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Through the camera – flash flood

Last weekend it rained in Tucson. Heavy and sustained rain, enough to run off the hard-baked ground and find it’s way into the various washes, taking them from empty to flowing in a matter of minutes. It was not the … Continue reading

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Random Food of the Day

Having grown up in the US Midwest, I knew what a persimmon was…. a hard, bitter, and astringent fruit which grew more or less wild and had little to recommend it beyond the next town down the road had a … Continue reading

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Tokyo Views – The giant chef

Hard to guess that this building might sell cooking and restaurant supplies… Niimi was one of my favorite stops when I found myself in Kappabashidori (Kitchen Town), but it had the problem of always having something I decided I needed.

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Random Food of the Day

A staple…. short grain Japanese rice

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Through the camera – Saguaro

A saguaro cactus in Oro Valley’s Naranja Park

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A mid-term resident of Tokyo reports – Part 10: Departure

This is part 10 of what is intended to be a collection of overview reports on living in Tokyo by someone who is here for longer than a short stay but shorter than a long stay. Hopefully they will be … Continue reading

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I generally do not set food out for the native inhabitants of Rurika, but when I noticed deer tracks straight through the orchard I decided to set some corn out a little further down their path in hopes that if … Continue reading

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Rurikia at rest

The snow came heavy and wet, a sticky white blanket which built rapidly to a level able to completely cover the garden and withstand our typical cycle of fall and melt . The perfect cover for the plants to enjoy … Continue reading

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