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Through the Camera – California Gopher Snake

This evening I was graced by a visit from a California Gopher Snake which seemed to want a photoshoot as it meandered it’s way around the back porch, climbed up on the grill, and even seemed to get bored and … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Plot

The Plot Bunting, Madeleine Granta, 2009 Subtitled “A Biography of an English Acre” the general story of the book is a description of “the plot” where the author’s father invested his life’s work. It’s an interesting concept – take a … Continue reading

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Real Life Review: Purple Air PA-II Air Quality Sensor

Living in the high desert of Southern California and within distant sight of Cajon Pass,there have been many days when I can see the wall of haze / smog / general yuck in the air rising up the pass from … Continue reading

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Random Food of the Day

Grilled ponzu and chili oil marinated tuna steak with salad

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Going Solar – Part 9: Joining the Smartgrid

A few days ago a postcard showed up in my mailbox advising me of an impending deadline for an energy storage incentive for households with installed solar arrays. Interested, but assuming it was a scam of some nature, I did … Continue reading

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The Art of BEEing: Yes, my bees sting

I got the bright idea relatively late this morning (after the day started to heat up) to go out and remove the bee feeder so I could clean it. After I had opened the hive up and pulled the top … Continue reading

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Democratic Legitimacy and the lessons of an illegitimate, incompetent, and incapable presidency

It’s been 6 months since Mr. Trump ursuped the office of the US presidency following one of the most bizarre election cycles in US history. Even before the foreign involvement elements of the election which are currently monopolizing press coverage, … Continue reading

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