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Through the Camera: The Flower Eater

I was wondering why my purple lantana had noticeably less flowers on it than the yellow one next to it… And then I caught the chuckwalla in the act of selectively munching down the purple flowers.

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Shop Projects: Cleaning the Swamp Cooler Spray Bar

As the summer heated up I began to notice that my swamp cooler wasn’t cooling as well as I recalled it doing last year.  Everything was in good shape mechanically and electrically and water seemed to be flowing when commanded, … Continue reading

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Through the Camera: Binders

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The Art of BEEing: On approach

My bees seem to like catnip…  Lucky (maybe) for me it’s become established in a difficult corner of the garden which isn’t of much use except for feeding bees and catching some incredible back lighting.  

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The Art of BEEing: The China Feeder

Recently I was in China on a business trip and happened to come across another beekeeper in the office there. He no longer had any bees of his own since he was living in an urban apartment, but he had … Continue reading

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Book Review: The China Tea Book

The China Tea Book Jialin, Luo Earthaware Editions, 2012 While in Shanghai I found myself in an international bookstore browsing the selection of books on tea in either of the languages I can read.  I found several, but none of … Continue reading

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Random Food of the Day

Grilled squid

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